Born & Raised in Chicago

Huskie Tools, Born & Raised in Chicago − Playing it SAFE is the name of the game!

Addison, Illinois (March 6, 2023)

Huskie Tools continues to engineer the best and safest possible tool solutions for the lineman industry.

Huskie Tools, the top-tier North American manufacturer of crimping, cutting, bending, and pulling tools for the lineman industry, has been supplying state-of-the-art technology to these warriors of the weather & wire for over 45 years. Whether it’s normal installation, repairs & maintenance, grid upgrades, or cleaning up after a disaster they have what it takes to get the job done right.

This brand, BORN & RAISED IN CHICAGO, started as a family-owned venture that has an employee-owned perspective that has created a customer-centric attitude rivaled by none. It continues to innovate and provide technological advancements by putting the customer first. Constantly creating solutions that matter is what has kept Huskie Tools on the leading edge of what it takes to provide its customers with what is most important — tools that get the job done safely, can take a beating, and ultimately last a very long time.

“Lineman, engineers, and facility managers are always interested in what Huskie Tools is working on next, be it our materials selection, product concepts, equipment engineering, training, or safety process controls, they are all important to the linemen community we proudly serve,” said Charlie Kelly, VP of Sales for Huskie Tools.

Huskie Tools has been the category leader in lineman, industrial tools & equipment for decades and continues its quest and commitment to strive for excellence in solving unique tool engineering issues for its customers. Huskie Tools provides world-class ingenuity, products, sales, training, and service when it comes to providing for today’s lineman industry needs.

If you’ve been searching for the best state-of-the-art linemen tools in the business with the broadest product offerings it’s worth your while to check out what Huskie Tools engineers have in store for you this year. Huskie Tools has the answers you are looking for when it comes to crimping, cutting, bending, and pulling equipment, they have it all. Visit them at, and see how over 45 years of industry experience have put them on the leading edge of technology. Built for Everything That’s On The Line.™

ABOUT HUSKIE TOOLS, LLC − Born in Chicago over 45 years ago, Huskie Tools is a full-service company and proven leader in providing utility industry linemen a complete range of product solutions including battery-powered cutting and compression tools, presses, pumps, dies, manual tools and the TiiGER™ pole puller for all distribution, substation, transmission, overhead and underground utility project.


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