Huskie Hero Profile: Hector Cervantes


Husband, Father, Brother, & Utility Professional!

A west coast native, Hector started his career as a Power Dock Helper for the Imperial Irrigation District in Imperial, California. This public utility is the gatekeeper when it comes to the management of water and power supply for the Imperial municipality, its citizens, and its agricultural and business communities.

Having started out as a Power Dock Helper, he quickly transitioned to working out in the field with lineman crews. Hector often jokes about the greeting he received the first day on the job with his fellow linemen, “Hey guys, fresh meat!” After learning the “ins-and-outs”, or we should say the “ups-and-downs” of the lineman’s daily jobs and responsibilities, he made the choice to transition back to the main office where he could use his training and interaction with linemen to help make their daily routine a little safer and easier. This is where he spent the majority of his 20 years, as a Line Construction & Maintenance Scheduler & Coordinator for the entire district.

Hector was and still is, a man who does whatever it takes to get the job done. He would often put in extra hours helping the linemen in the field when the opportunity arose. This kept him in close contact with the requirements linemen had for the tools they used. Because of this experience he quickly realized that from both a cost and ability standpoint, Huskie Tools was going to be the answer for his workmates' needs.

One of the key transitional periods for the linemen he served was when the industry transitioned from pneumatic to battery-powered tools. After doing his due diligence he decided that Huskie Tools were the answer. Lighter, stronger, and a multi-battery platform were the key elements in his initial choice to go with Huskie tools. Now it’s their commitment to being a leader in the industry when it comes to innovation, service, safety, and unique engineering forethought!

Hector’s son Hugo, after being impressed by the Lineman’s Rodeo event that is held each year and showcases the talents of individual linemen, chose to follow in his father’s footsteps by graduating from Northwest Lineman College. He is currently working as a second-step apprentice in Central Coast California for the City of Lompoc.

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