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RGA Form - Huskie Tools

Before shipping tools to Huskie, a Repair Goods Authorization is required. Please fill out our online RGA to begin the process of getting your tool back in the field.

Our technicians examine your tool and take into account the condition, age, and previous repair history. Instead of just repairing the damaged part, the technician will look at all factors to make sure the tool will be safe upon return. Our process consists of refurbishing the entire tool to ensure years of correct operation.

Yes, If you are returning an item for credit, please call Huskie directly at 800-860-6170 for RGA number.

Warranty - Huskie Tools

All Huskie REC-SERIES battery operated products carry a 5 year warranty. The ECO-SERIES battery operated products carry a 1 year warranty.

The BP-80 & BP-84 batteries carry a 5 year warranty from the date stamped on the battery. The BP-82 battery carries a 1 year warranty.

Troubleshooting - Huskie Tools

There might be insufficient hydraulic oil or a defect in the hydraulic circuit. Please consult our factory of repair service. If there's an air block in the hydraulic system, invert the tool to allow air to rise towards the top of the oil bladder.

There might be insufficient hydraulic oil or a defective suction valve or bypass cartridge, please our consult factory for repair.

  1. Please check the battery, might need to be recharged or replaced.
  2. There might be a bad contact or loose battery connections, so please check all connections and wire.
  3. There might be a misaligned switch, please check to make sure that switch is properly aligned with trigger, or consult the factory for repair service.
  1. If the tool did not complete a full cycle and bypass, press the trigger and allow tool to bypass, then release the tool jaws.
  2. If the connector is jammed in the tool jaws, press and hold the release trigger while prying the tool jaws apart.
  3. If the release trigger is bent or misaligned, consult the factory for repair service.

Batteries - Huskie Tools

Huskie Tools has 2 lithium-Ion batteries, the BP-82 & BP-84. The BP-82 battery is designed to replace the BP-80 and is used with ECO-series streamline tools. The BP-84 battery is also designed to replace the BP-80 and is used with all REC-series tools.

The LED display gives you the remaining battery life in 20% increments.

Sales Support

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