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Addison, Illinois (May 23, 2023)

Huskie Tools, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, is a North American manufacturer with an international reach that provides a complete line of products for utility linemen who work on Aerial or Underground, Transmission, and Substation applications. As part of their product offering, they continue to engineer unique tool solutions for crimping, cutting, bending, and pulling for the lineman industry. They have been purpose-driven for over 45 years to supply state-of-the-art technology to these warriors of weather and wire. Whether it’s a standard installation, general servicing, or power recovery clean-up after a disaster, they make it “Job #1” to make sure linemen have what it takes to get the job done right.

Huskie Tools, again, is providing an easier way for linemen to get what they need. New dies? New tools? Whatever the need, they have made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 with an updated easy to navigate website featuring its fast and intuitive Product Finder and a newly engineered and customized Die Finder that couldn’t be easier to use.

“Here at Huskie Tools, we are always excited for the opportunity to engage with our end-users. This time there was an ask to make it easier to find the replacement dies they need for their tools. We heard them and, in less than three months, perfected our Die Finder, and it’s currently available to anyone on our new website. We listen and collaborate with our customers to create solutions that fit their specific needs.” said Huskie Tools Director of Marketing, Greg Holmes.

The Huskie Tools Die Finder allows customers to input any information they have on the die that they are looking for, click search, and instantly see all the appropriate available dies that fit their needs. Armed with that information, they can contact their local tool supplier and order up exactly what they need, knowing they have all the necessary info to get the order placed and to get the order right.

This specific online tool for die selection mimics the same process that Huskie uses for its product finder module. So whether you are in search of the latest tool technology or you need to get your hands on specific replacement dies, Huskie Tools has the quick and easy process to get you all the info you need to get what you want.

“This online tool has been needed for quite a while. We developed a solution that provides a quick and easy process that gets the user the cross-reference die information they are looking for. We are proud to bring this easy-to-use Die Finder to market as an additional resource to our customers.” said Huskie Tools Business Development Director, Dan Voss.

Not only is there a Die Finder and a Product Finder, but stage two of this process will marry them both together so the customer can not only find the correct dies but it will also offer up new tool technology available that works with the specific searched dies. That will be coming just around the corner — be on the lookout!

Born and raised in Chicago, Huskie Tools has long been a category leader when it comes to catering to the wants and needs of the linemen community. They’re not a broad-based tool company that decided to add on a selection of linemen tools, they are a company that specifically caters to linemen, period. Specialty tool solutions for a very special professional market. They understand linemen, and they understand and cater to their needs. Linemen are those brave men and women who, rain or shine, are always ready to answer the call of duty. Their mission is simple yet crucial: keep power flowing so everyone has the safe and reliable electricity they depend on.

From the “Back of the Yards” to the “Monsters of the Midway,” Chicago has always been a “City of Big Shoulders” and Huskie Tools have been the tool of choice for the linemen and linewomen that “Get the Job Done!”. Huskie Tools was born and raised in the Windy City and continues to supply linemen in their quest to keep power on! POWER ON LINEMEN!




ABOUT HUSKIE TOOLS, LLC − Huskie Tools has been the category leader in linemen equipment for decades and continues its quest to strive for excellence in solving unique tool engineering issues for its customers. Huskie Tools provides world-class ingenuity, products, sales, and service when it comes to providing for today’s lineman’s needs. If you have been searching for the best state-of-the-art linemen tools in the business with the broadest product offerings, it’s worth your while to check out what Huskie Tools engineers have in store for you this year. Visit them at HuskieTools.com, and see how 45 years of industry experience have put them on the leading edge of technology.



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