The SL-630 is a battery operated, dieless compression tool used to compress Anderson style lugs. 6.2 tons of compression force is achieved when the tool advances and bypasses at the predetermined pressure. Advance and retract buttons on the tool handle allow for one hand operation, freeing the other hand to maneuver the cable.

NOTE: Both the SL-630 and SL-750 are designed to crimp Anderson Style connectors. Other brand connectors manufactured to ANSI specifications C119.4 can be used. For range-taking connectors, the cable must be maximum size specified for the connector. Consult your connector manufacturer for dieless applications.

Product Information

Part Number: SL-630
Product Type: Crimping tools
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Substation, Transmission, Windfarms

Tonnage: 6.2 ton
Jaw opening: .9"
Weight: 10.5 lbs. with Battery
Size: 21.5" L
Operation: Battery powered

SL-630: Tool Facts

Lugs #6 AWG-500MCM
Lugs #6 AWG-500MCM
Splices #6 AWG-500MCM
Splices #6 AWG-500MCM

Due to material composition, the ratings are to be used as a guide. For questions regarding a specific material, please contact a Huskie Tools Representative.

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