The REC-S3550 cuts ACSR, guy wire, wire rope, and ground rod. Powerful and portable with a 2” jaw opening. A latch-type jaw swings open to accept material to be cut. The head can be rotated for proper positioning of rod or cable. This is our most versatile cutter patterned after our S-55 hand operated cutter.



      • Tested Up to 75kV


      • Rotational Head


      • Rapid Advance


      • Ergonomically Balanced


      • Weather Resistant Housing


      • Overload Bypass Protection


      • Most Powerful Battery Operated Cutter


    • 5 Year Warranty on Tool, Battery & Charger

Due to material composition, the ratings are to be used as
a guide. Actual capacity may vary due to “bypass” feature.

Product Information

Part Number: REC-S3550
Product Type: Cutting tools
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Mining, Recreation (zip lines), Substation, Transmission, Windfarms, Wire Rope

Tonnage: 13 ton
Jaw opening: 2”
Weight: 23 lbs. with Battery
Size: 21.5”L x 10.5”H x 3.5”W
Operation: Battery powered

REC-S3550: Tool Breakdown
REC-S3550: Manual and Tool Breakdown
REC-S3550: Tool Facts

Materials: ACSR, ACSR and Copper and Aluminum, Aluminum, Copper, Ground Rod, Rebar, Soft Steel Bolts, Standard Guy Wire, Steel, Wire Rope
ACSR up to 2”
Cu & Al wire 2”
Ground Rod 3/4″
Rebar 3/4″
Soft Steel Bolts 1-1/4”
Soft Steel Bolts up to 1-1/4″
Standard Guy Wire 3/4”
Telephone and Lead Sheathed Cable Do Not Cut
Wire Rope 1”
Wire Rope up to 1″

Due to material composition, the ratings are to be used as a guide. For questions regarding a specific material, please contact a Huskie Tools Representative.

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