The Huskie REC-P600R is a wireless, remote operated, single acting hydraulic pump. It is our lightest most versatile hydraulic pump. The REC-P600R incorporates a high frequency receiver exclusively paired to a heavy duty cordless remote. The weather resistant IP65 rated remote utilizes two push buttons to advance and retract the tool.

This wireless application was designed for a safer and smarter way to cut cable, eliminating injuries from potential arc flash on live cables. This allows the operator to distance themselves further from the cut for a fail-safe operation. The external receiver incorporates an on/off switch and comes standard with 6 feet of cable.

The REC-P600R has the ability to work off of 1 or 2 Huskie batteries. It is recommended to operate the pump with a 10-foot hose. A longer hose will cause cycle times to increase.

We recommend you specify the Huskie SC-Series flush face dripless coupler, as not to deplete the oil in the reservoir when changing tool heads.

The REC-P600R comes with the standard 3/8” Screw type coupler.

Product Information

Part Number: REC-P600R
Product Type: 6 Series, Pumps

Weight: 19.2 Lbs. with 2 batteries
Size: 15"L x 9.6"H x 8.25"D
Operation: Battery powered

REC-P600R: Tool Facts

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