The REC-B6NDSL has a choice of six jaw types, including three compression heads, the SLND-JAW, SLO-JAW, or SLBG-JAW. The SLND-JAW head combines ND and K jaws. Quickly change between head types with the pull-pin design. All jaw types are forged and come standard with brush protection. Users also have the option of switching to the SLCUT-JAW cutting head, or the SL-NDCU/AL or SL-NDACSR cutting heads.

In addition to the rapid advance feature incorporated into the new REC-B6NDSL, it also has an electronic counter that allows a service technician to read the number of compression cycles the tool has made. Also, the tool housing has been reinforced to improve durability during heavy field use.

Product Information

Part Number: REC-B6NDSL
Product Type: 6 Series, Crimping tools
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Substation, Transmission, Windfarms

Tonnage: 6 ton
Weight: 6 lbs. with Battery
Size: 14.3"L x 10"H x 3.1"W
Operation: Battery powered

REC-B6NDSL: Tool Breakdown
REC-B6NDSL: Manual and Tool Breakdown

Materials: ACSR, H-Taps, Standard Guy Wire

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