The REC-6NDSL has a choice of jaw types, including six compression heads, the SLXPJ-JAW, SLXMJ-JAW, SLK-JAW, SLND3-JAW, SLO-JAW, or SLBG-JAW. For cutting, switch to the SLCUT-JAW, SL-CHCUAL, or SL-CHACSR, and for bending, use the SLCB-JAW. Quickly change between head types with the pull-pin design. No need for another battery system, as this tool operates on the same 14.4 volt battery used in all of the battery operated tools. The SL-ND Streamline tool not only carries a 5 year warranty on the tool but on the battery and charger as well.

In addition to the rapid advance feature incorporated into the new REC-6NDSL, it also has an electronic counter that allows a service technician to read the number of compression cycles. Also, the tool housing has been reinforced to improve durability during heavy field use.

Product Information

Part Number: REC-6NDSL
Product Type: 6 Series, Crimping tools
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Substation, Transmission, Windfarms

Tonnage: 6 ton
Jaw opening: 1.8"
Weight: 6 lbs. with Battery
Size: 14.3"L x 10"H x 3.1"W
Operation: Battery powered

REC-6NDSL: Tool Breakdown
REC-6NDSL: Manual and Tool Breakdown
REC-6NDSL: Tool Facts

Materials: ACSR, H-Taps, Standard Guy Wire
H-Taps Up to 4/0-4/0
Lugs #8-300 MCM Al
Lugs #8-500 MCM Cu
Splices #8-300 MCM Al
Splices #8-500 MCM Cu

Due to material composition, the ratings are to be used as a guide. For questions regarding a specific material, please contact a Huskie Tools Representative.

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