The newly developed IL-ND streamline tool was designed as an upgrade to the ECO-EZ tool giving the user a more robust product with a true 3 year life cycle.

Enhancements to the hydraulic system, a more robust heavy duty motor similar to the “SL” tool as well as a re-designed compression head that utilizes less hydraulic force while delivering a 6 ton output compression force, are just a few of the design implementations used in this new series. We have also added a rubber over-mold to the housing that will allow the operator better tool control with the non-slip grip, as well as an updated aesthetic look, separating it from the competition.

Product Information

Part Number: IL-ND
Product Type: 6 Series, Crimping tools
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Substation, Transmission

Tonnage: 6 ton
Weight: 6 lbs. with Battery
Size: 3.37”L x 3.1”W x 21”H
Operation: Battery powered

IL-ND: Tool Breakdown
IL-ND: Manual and Tool Breakdown
IL-ND: Tool Facts

Materials: Aluminum, Copper, H-Taps
H-Taps up to 4/0-4/0
Lugs up to #8-350 MCM Al
Lugs up to #8-500 MCM Cu
Splices up to #8-350 MCM Al
Splices up to #8-500 MCM Cu

Due to material composition, the ratings are to be used as a guide. For questions regarding a specific material, please contact a Huskie Tools Representative.

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