The HPG-4 is a self-contained high pressure pump, with manual operation. It is equipped with a 6 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. A four-way valve controls the hydraulic fluid direction for the advance and retract modes. One double acting tool can be operated or two single acting tools at one time. Connection to one port for single acting tools will work since the control valve will dump the fluid when shifted to the retract position. The pump is very compact and comes with carrying handles.

NOTE: When using any of these high pressure tools, always use 10,000 psi rated non-conductive hose (NC-16 series).

• Four Way Valve Allows for Single or Double Acting Capacity
• Standard Screw Type Male and Female Couplers


Weight 120 lbs. with Oil
Oil Capacity 5 Gallons
Gas Tank 3 Pints
Max Pressure 10,000 psi
Power Output 6 HP
Oil Delivery @ 100 psi 480 cubic inches per minute
Oil Delivery @ 10,000 psi 55 cubic inches per minute

Product Information

Part Number: HPG-4
Product Type: Pumps
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Mining, Recreation (zip lines), Substation, Transmission, Windfarms, Wire Rope

Weight: 74 lbs. with Oil
Operation: Battery powered

HPG-4: Tool Facts

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