The HP-700 a portable, tough, hydraulic steel pump that has two speed pumping pistons for rapid advance and an external adjustable pressure setting from 4,000 to 10,000 psi output. An internal oil bladder allows the tool to be used in any position. Our exclusive replaceable, by-pass cartridge is standard in the HP-700. Field repairs and pressure adjustments can be made in minutes. Use our PG-1 gauge for pressure adjustments.

NOTE: When using any of these high pressure tools, always use 10,000 psi rated non-conductive hose (NC-16 series).

• Two-Stage Pump Piston for Rapid Advance
• External Pressure Adjustment from 4,000-10,000 psi
• Can Be Operated in Any Position
• Knob Type Release Valve

Weight 20 lbs.
Length 23″
Oil Reservoir 44 cu/in fluid
1st Stage .75 cu/in per stroke
2nd Stage .14 cu/in per stroke

Product Information

Part Number: HP-700
Product Type: Pumps
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Mining, Recreation (zip lines), Substation, Transmission, Windfarms, Wire Rope

Weight: 20 lbs.
Size: Length 23"
Operation: Manual

HP-700: Tool Breakdown
HP-700: Manual and Tool Breakdown
HP-700: Tool Facts

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