Order your own Huskie Holster, the EZHLSTR/SL-HLSTR, to carry your ECO-EZ, SL tool or any manual hydraulic tool! The Huskie Tools Holster keeps your inline tool close to your side, and Velcro® allows you to quickly grab the tool from the pouch. Two large grommets make it easy to hang the holster inside a bucket. There’s a pocket and a key ring on the front for the extras you need while on the job. Each holster also comes with a carabiner. The holster is manufactured by Buckingham.

• Two Grommets Allow the Holster to Hang in a Bucket
• Very Durable
• Velcro® Sides for Quick Tool Access
• Side Pocket and Carabiner for Extras

Product Information

Part Number: EZ-HLSTR
Product Type: Accessories, Carrying cases
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Mining, Recreation (zip lines), Substation, Transmission, Windfarms, Wire Rope

Size: 23.5"H x 7" W
Operation: Battery powered

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