Huskie Tools carries a wide assortment of dies for 4-6 ton, 12 ton, 15 ton, 60 ton, and 100 ton tools. Please click on the series you are looking for to view the part numbers. Also, open the Die Sheet to see a complete breakdown of our dies.

die sheet

Die Series:
HT58-Series: Equivalent to Burndy “W” Type Dies for 4-6 Ton Tools
HT-Series: Equivalent to Kearney “O” Type Dies for 4-6 Ton Tools
HT41-Series: Equivalent to Burndy and Kearney “U” Type Dies for 12 Ton Tools
HTK-Series: Equivalent to Kearney “WH-2” (10.7 Ton) & “WH-3” (12 Ton) Type Dies
HT61-Series: Equivalent to Burndy “P” Type Dies for 15 Ton Tools
HA60-Series: Equivalent to Alcoa 60 Ton Dies
HA100-Series: Equivalent to Alcoa 100 Ton Dies

Other Dies:
Wire Rope Dies: 12 Ton “U” Type Compression Dies
Punch and Die Sets

Product Information

Part Number: Compression Dies
Product Type: Dies

Operation: Accessory

Compression Dies: Tool Facts

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