The BP-82 is a NEW 2.0Ah battery pack designed to replace the BP-80 with a smaller, more compact size for use with the ECO-series in-line tools. Due to the use of different cell technology, the BP-82 has the same cycle life as the BP-80, yet it is half the size. With a redesigned housing that has integrated cell supports, as well as conformal coating on the circuit board to protect against corrosion in damp environments, the BP-82 is a more robust battery pack than ever before.

The BP-82 will be included as the standard battery pack with all the ECO-series tool kits, and will also be available to purchase as a replacement battery pack for any other
REC-series products.

The BP-82 can be charged with any of the Huskie Lithium Ion chargers, including the CH-80, CH-90 & CH-94.

Product Information

Part Number: BP-82
Product Type: Accessories, Battery and charger
Related Industries: Distribution, Electric utilities, Mining, Recreation (zip lines), Substation, Transmission, Windfarms, Wire Rope

Weight: 1 lbs.
Operation: Battery powered

BP-82: Tool Facts

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