H-Tap Website annoucementHuskie announces the NEW H-Tap Splitter Dies!

Huskie’s NEW H-tap Splitter dies, catalog# HTS-4040 (Kearney) & HTS-4040-U (Burndy U-style).

For easy removal of old Kearney connectors or H-frame style connectors without damaging conductors.

The HTS-4040 operates in all Kearney style WH3 hydraulic tools or PH13 remote hydraulic tools.  (Huskie’s REC-6510K, REC-3510K, EP-510K, & EP-510HK)

The HTS-4040-U operates in 12 ton Burndy style compression tools with a minimum 1.65” Jaw opening. (Huskie’s REC-6510, SL-C510, EP-510HC, EP-510C & REC-3510)


Main line conductor size #6 str. – 4/0 ACSR

  1. Install H-Tap Splitter die into tool jaw
  2. Adjust gauges to appropriate conductor size
  3. Advance tool until blade shears connector


  • When reusing old conductors; prevents connectors from getting stuck in running blocks.
  • When installing a new tap with limited space
  • Reduce FR noise cause by old connector buildup
  • Improve aesthetics of overhead line
  • Safer than other methods such as prying with screw drivers, chiseling or hacksawing

For more information click on HTS-4040 or HTS-4040-U for Toolfacts or  Click here to watch our H-Tap Demo Video.