Huskie Tools develops tools with the lineman in mind. That is why our products are not only made with the highest quality standards, but also the highest safety standards. Ergonomics means “making the tool fit the worker” and Huskie Tools understands the need to combat repetitive motion injuries.


Huskie Tools ROBO Battery Operated Line

Huskie’s innovative ROBO family of battery-operated cutting and compression tools was first developed in 1989 and started a revolutionary change in the electrical utility market. Since the introduction of the first ROBO compression tool, we have expanded the line to over 30 different models, including cutting tools, compression tools, and battery powered hydraulic pumps. Our line of ROBO products are among the lightest, fastest, and most ergonomically designed compression tools on the market. Today, backed by a long history of quality, the competition can’t compare. From extreme installation conditions to everyday line maintenance, Huskie ROBO tools provide the mobility, convenience, and quality that linemen can depend on to complete any job with confidence.

Hydraulic Tools

Huskie hydraulic tools are among the highest quality compression and cutting tools on the market today. Our complete line of hydraulic tools includes handheld, self-contained units as well as remote-operated heads powered by high-pressure hydraulic pumps. Though giving way to the more efficient battery-operated ROBO line of tools, our hydraulic tools are precision crafted and maintenance free, giving you years of quality operation. Huskie hydraulic compression and cutting tools have been the choice of top utilities and contractors across the country, and offer the quality needed to complete the most difficult jobs.