cutting and compression tools for mining
Mining is tough work, so let Huskie tools provide you with cutting solutions that are easy on the body and long-lasting. Whether you are cutting rebar, chain, or wire rope, we have a tool


Manual Hydraulic Tools

nickel plated cutting tool for salt waterPL-S20: Nickel-Plated Cutter
s-20: manual hydraulic cutting toolS-20: Cutting Tool
ep-410: compression toolEP-410: Compression Tool


Remote Heads

The following product requires a 10,000 psi, high pressure, hydraulic pumping system.

sp-32SP-32: Remote Cutter


Hydraulic Pump System

hydraulic pump by huskie toolsR-14EF: Hydraulic Pump
Foot Switch for hydraulic pumpFS-14: Foot Switch
couplers for hydraulic pumps and hosesSC-Series: Couplers

Batteries and Accessories

bp-80: lithium ion huskie tools batteryBP-80:Lithium Ion Battery
ch-90CH-90: Charger
replacement blades for sl-s20Replacement Blades
U Type DiesHT41: U Type Dies
eco-l90 LED lightECO-L90:LED Light


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