Question: I have a “xxx” size cable–what die do I need to use in my Huskie Tool?

Securing Dies on Crimping Tool

Which Die should you use?




Your connector has all the information you need and we will show you how to arm yourself with the facts before you call your Huskie Tools Customer Service Representative. Although we are always ready to answer your questions, we want to help you save time.

First, we want you to know that you need a die for your specific connector, NOT a die for a specific cable size. There can be different connectors for the same size cable depending on the type of connector being used, so we need to know exactly what is stamped on the connector in order to match it with the proper dies.

Lugs die information

Lugs also show die and manufacturer information. Look closely before calling for assistance so Huskie can quickly help you find the right die.

In order to properly answer the die question above you will need to know the connector manufacturer’s name (ie: Burndy, Kearney, TB, Homac) as well as the part number on the connector.

splice die information

Take a look at your splice and try to locate the manufacturer, part number, and die information.

You will also need to know the model number or what the tonnage is of the Huskie Tool you are using because each different ton tool takes a unique set of dies, whether 6, 12, or 15 ton.

Huskie does not make connectors but we do have tool and die equivalents to all major connector brands.

If you are computer savvy you can do an online search for the manufacturer and the connector number. If you don’t have access to a computer, you will have to call Huskie and the more information you have about your connector, the faster we can find your die answer.


Need help understanding the imprint on your H-taps, Lugs, and splices? Open the proper document below.

Lugs (.pdf)

Splices (.pdf)

Take a look at our Compression Dies.