Let’s take a step back in time and remember the earlier days of Huskie Tools, a time before we were all hooked to our mobile devices and printed materials were the only way to sell products.
With the advent of the Robo line in 1992, Huskie Tools needed to educate its customers on the benefits of a battery-powered tool. Even though change is never easy, the battery-powered tool is now the tool of choice for today’s modern line professionals.



1992 Huskie Catalog

1992 Catalog -Debut of Robo Battery-powered Tools

In 1992, Huskie Tools introduced the first battery-powered Robo tool. The battery-powered tool made it easier on the utility line professional to make multiple cuts and crimps throughout the day, but the cost of the new product made customers question their worth. Only five battery-powered tools appeared in the 1992 catalog; the REC-58, REC-410, and REC-630 compression tools and the REC-30Y and REC-20 cutting tool.


1996 Huskie Tools Catalog By 1996, the battery-powered tools were becoming the tool of choice for utility line professionals. Workers were beginning to see the benefits to using the battery powered tools. Instead of using their bodies to apply the force, the battery-powered, hydraulic tools took the strain off the worker’s shoulders and arms.


primitive pete

Primitive Pete carrying the outdated “clacker”.

A few years later, the term “ergonomics” became a more mainstream term and Huskie Tools educated customers on the benefits of the battery-powered tools over the manual “clackers”. Not only did the new tools make it easier for lineworkers to get the job done, but by reducing the risk for musculoskeletal disorders from repetitive motion such as carpal tunnel syndrome, companies were able to save money by not having as many workers’ compensation claims. Huskie suggested that all manual tools be replaced by the battery-operated tools. A cartoon of a caveman carrying a manual “clacker” warned companies not to be a “Primitive Pete”.

Old huskie tools website

Huskie Tools Website from late 90s

Huskie Tools made their presence known online with the start of the first website in the late 90s. The website operated more as a brochure for the products and would feature new items on the market. The Huskie dog pictured on the front of the site was actually founder Tom Itrich’s neighbor’s pet named Darby.


Over the past 35 years, the Huskie Tools logo took on several different looks, but always featured the utility line professional in the middle of the “H”.
The early logo had a lineman flexing his muscles in an “H” design.

The earliest Huskie Tools Logo. Huskie Tools Logo old Huskie Tools logo

When it was time for a logo refresh, the lineman remained, but his hand positioning moved down and held on to lightning bolts.

In 2010, as Huskie Tools continued to grow, a globe was added to the middle of lightning bolts signifying Huskie’s commitment to creating a sustainable work environment and also to represent company growth.


Today, Huskie Tools continues to create new products based on feedback from the field. With over 30 battery-powered tools, Huskie Tools continues to set the bar for the utility industry.