REC-Y60ACMThe REC-Y60ACM was designed to cut stranded copper cables and aluminum. The jaws will accept a maximum of 1500 MCM aluminum. The REC-Y60ACM comfortably fits into the lineman’s gloved hand, and repetitive ratcheting movement is entirely eliminated. We have rotated the handle 90° to the blade to achieve a more ergonomic and comfortable cutting position. Just a squeeze of the trigger is all it takes to make a cut and almost no muscle power is needed. As a result, the risk of sprains, strains, and lost time due to muscle related injuries can be significantly reduced. The moveable blade has wide gear teeth for extra power and full cutting traction. Gear guides are attached on both ends of the movable blade to align the gear teeth with the internal pinion gear.

Please view the REC-Y60ACM product page for Tool Facts and more information.