Cable bending jaw for SL Body

Huskie Tools is pleased to introduce the SL-CB, the first of its kind in the electrical utility industry, is a battery powered cable bender. The SL-CB utilized the pull-pin design, allowing technicians to change jaws from compression, to cutting, to cable bending. The SL-CB is just one of the many ergonomic solutions, provided by Huskie Tools, to help reduce strains and sprains associated with the daily tasks of a powerline technician. The SL-CB has several different settings, so the tool can be used on either secondary or primary conductor in a variety of sizes. Featuring a low profile, the SL-CB can be used in a variety of close-quarter environments; such as underground vaults, meter bases and substation applications and wherever cable bending is required.

NOTE: Contact cable manufacturer for specified cable bending radii and cable bending requirements.

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