Before and After a Huskie Tools repair
Even a rugged Huskie tool needs a little attention now and then. We offer complete service and repair for all our manual and battery operated cutting and compression tools.

1. Huskie Tools evaluates the entire tool.
Our technicians examine your tool and take into account the condition, age, and previous repair history. Instead of just repairing the damaged part, the technician will look at all factors to make sure the tool will be safe upon return. Our process consists of refurbishing the entire tool to ensure years of correct operation. Every compression tool is calibrated to ensure proper working order.

2. Our repair department saves your company money.
Our process of refurbishing the tool keeps the product in working order and provides more years of use. Many customers decide to repair a tool instead of replacing as long as the estimate is under 50% the cost of a new tool.

3. Our technicians are highly trained and have many years of experience.
With tools that have many parts, it is important that repair technicians pay attention to the details. Our technicians pride themselves on fixing a tool right the first time so the product can get back in the field.

4. Our turnaround time is lightning fast.
Ok, maybe it doesn’t feel exactly like a blink of an eye, but our repair staff makes sure your tools are repaired and sent back as quickly as possible. If you are in need of NON-WARRANTY repairs, another option is to look into one of our Authorized Service Centers.