The third battery powered, gear-driven cable cutter in the Huskie Tools arsenal is now upgraded to a Mag tool. The REC-54ACM, REC-54M, and REC-50M are now more ergonomic for utility linemen since Huskie Tools rotated the handles 90° to the blade. This rotation allows for a more comfortable cutting position. Depending on which tool is chosen, the gear-driven cable cutters can cut through Copper, Aluminum, and ACSR cables with just a squeeze of the trigger.

These gear-driven cable cutters have a similar look, but are used for different applications. Here are some considerations when choosing which product is right for your job.

1. What material are you cutting?

If you are cutting Copper up to 1000 MCM and Aluminum up to 1500 MCM, it is best to choose the REC-54ACM or the REC-50M. The blades on these tools are sharp and designed to cut non-ferrous materials clean for easy termination.

If you are cutting ACSR, you need the REC-54M. The REC-54M uses a flat notched blade edge (see image below) to cut the steel stranding in ACSR cable. The REC-54M will cut up to 1590 MCM cable, but is not intended for use on 795 Drake.

cable cutting tool close up of notched blade

Huskie notched the cutting blades on the REC-54M to avoid the denting of the cutting surface when using steel strand.


2. What happens if you cut the wrong material with the tool?

Choosing the right tool for the type of cable you are cutting is important. Using the wrong tool can damage the blades. Even though the REC-54M is able to cut copper, it has a limited capacity of 750 MCM due to the flat edge on the blade. Therefore, trying to use this tool on 1000 MCM Cu will result in stalling the motor, and/or causing the blades to jam on the cable and create undue stress on the tool and blades.

The steel strands in ACSR cables require a flat blade edge found only on the REC-54M. The REC-54ACM and REC-50M have sharp blades since they are made to cut Copper and Aluminum only.

Using the REC-50M or the REC-54ACM to cut ACSR will result in blade damage. See images below.

Using the REC-50M and REC-54ACM on ACSR will cause blade damage.


3. Do you need a clean cut?

Some applications require a clean cut, especially when cutting Copper and Aluminum. Although all three tools can technically cut Copper and Aluminum, the REC-50M will make the cleanest cut on the largest sized cable. If ACSR is involved, the  REC-54M is required so the cutting blade does not get damaged on the steel strand.

Using the right tool with create a smooth cut on the cable.

All three tools are tested up to 75kV and feature one hand operation. Plus, Huskie battery-powered tools carry a 5 Year Warranty on the tool, battery, and charger.

See the chart below for specifications and the tool pages for the REC-50M, REC-54ACM, or REC-54M for more information.

Comparison of mag cable cutting tools.