Huskie Tools has always been known for its motto “All for one, one for all”, meaning that one Huskie battery fits all of our tools, past and present. In 2011, Huskie Tools introduced a new battery and charger platform, the Lithium Ion Battery (BP-80) and Tri-chemistry charger (CH-90). Staying true to our motto, these batteries work in every series of Huskie products just as the now retired BP-70E battery will work with our newest 6-Series tooling.

Best of all, the CH-90 chargers are able to charge EVERY model of Huskie battery. However, the BP-80 requires the CH-90 to charge.

huskie batteries and chargers compatibility

New in 2013, the Battery Test Gauge shows how much power is left in your battery. bp-80tg battery test gauge The Battery Test Gauge is for use with the Huskie BP-80 Lithium-Ion battery in order to test the percentage of power remaining in the battery.

For information or questions on Huskie Tools’ battery and charger system, please contact us at 800-860-6170.