Huskie Tools provides ergonomic solutions for linemenErgonomics is more than a buzzword; it means making sure your workers have the best tools for the job. Ergonomic studies assess the work-related risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders and make recommendations to combat these risks.

Huskie Tools products are designed with the worker in mind. The ease of cutting and crimping, the handle style and the operation of Huskie Tool products work to decrease the risk of harming the worker’s body.

Designing the job to the worker also benefits the company. Good job design reduces discomfort, fatigue, aches and pains, injuries and illnesses and work restrictions. In turn, this will avoid absenteeism, turnover, complaints, poor performance, and poor attitude.

For the employee, good job design prevents economic loss, loss in earning power, loss in quality of life, pain and suffering. The employer can also prevent economic loss, compensation costs, damaged goods and equipment by implementing good job design.