Huskie Tools Tradeshow Booth

Huskie Tools Tradeshow Booth


Huskie Tools has been selling quality cutting and compression tools to the Electric Utility Industry since December 7, 1976 when Tom Itrich began the company. Currently, Huskie Tools has a staff of 40 dedicated employees. Huskie Tools is physically located in a joint office, warehouse and repair center building located in Glendale Heights, Illinois, 30 miles west of Chicago.

Huskie’s primary market is the Electric Utility Industry throughout North America . The market is segmented between major Investor Owned Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, local Municipalities, and the outside electrical Contractor market. The largest and most significant segment of the market is the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s). These comprise the largest of the electric industry and normally include all three major areas; power generation, large scale transmission and local distribution. Huskie tools are used mainly in the distribution segment but are well represented in the transmission market. These companies employ thousands of people and sales are in the billions. There are about 162 IOU’s in the country and Huskie has a sizable presence in most of these companies. All utilities standardize their connector profiles which include the cable, connectors and the tooling. Huskie strives is to be “on Standard” with all IOU’s.

The Electric Cooperative market has a sizable number of independent companies (approximately 2,000 across the country). They are small in overall meters/users since they are located in rural areas of the country. Their overall needs are similar to the IOU’s on the distribution end but rarely work with transmission lines. The quantity of tools needed are relatively small compared to the large scale IOU’s.

Many local cities choose to incorporate their citizen’s electric needs with Municipal electric companies. These range from small cities of 20,000 to large cities with 500,000 meters, like in Austin Texas or Public Service of San Antonio. They represent a sizable presence in the marketplace. Many utilities have chosen to outsource utility line work to the Contractor market. These companies work on a contract basis and will perform a wide variety of services. This segment of the market has recently seen significant growth and provides a viable alternative to adding staff within the IOU’s to handle overflow situations and lower headcounts within the IOU’s.

Huskie sells its products through a Representative Agents network. Huskie manages 30 Rep Agents throughout North America who assist Huskie Sales Territory Managers in penetrating the marketplace. These Rep Agents are independent and are compensated on a commission basis from Huskie. Huskie limits the Rep Agent to specific territories, sets pricing parameters, but does not dictate the sales channel. Many Huskie products are sold to large Distributor based companies that have secured large scale contracts with the Utility companies to supply them with thousands of OEM products.

Product Innovation:

Huskie was the first to market the battery operated tool in the early 1990s and still maintains a single battery operated system (14.4 volts) that fits all five product generations introduced over the past fifteen years. Huskie has invented a variety of new tool designs to meet the expanding needs of the Electric Utility Industry. In fact, Huskie introduced the first Lithium Ion battery into the crimper/connector market to show a dedication to the “green” movement. The new battery system is completely interchangeable with all generations of past Huskie tools.

Huskie Tools has several new tool product designs in various stages of development. Most of these tools are new generations of previously released and successful tools that are targeted for increased penetration within the Utility Industry.

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